Water Proofing Review:

More than 80% of litigation claims in the building industry are related to water damage, which is an alarming statistic and good reason why waterproofing is an area that we don’t recommend cutting corners on. Considering waterproofing only averages around 1.8% of construction costs, specifying a quality system won’t blow the budget.

We reviewed many different types of water proofing products, from silicon or polyurethane based liquid membranes, to bitumen rolls, sheets & bituminous based liquid membranes. In their own right, they were all quite good products, but most were reliant on specialized, somewhat complex installation procedures, which could lead to human error.

Most liquid membranes require up to 5 coats with 24 hour curing time between coats. Historically, liquid membranes have failed & we believe that a main reason for this is that these curing times are not followed correctly. The thickness and elasticity of the membrane, also determines how they will cope with building movement, especially at floor / wall junctions. The thickness & coverage also determines durability with regard to damage between trades, such as a tile being dropped.


Meccano’s Choice: MULTIPANEL

MULTIPANEL is an aerated polyurethane 100% waterproof sheet, which has been developed into simple, well detailed systems for bathrooms and balconies. It’s an Australian made product that’s come from 30 years in the marine industry. Sheet thickness varies from 8mm, to a 30mm structural substrate.


We love the simplicity of this system – Joist / 30mm MULTIPANEL / Tile. The 30mm MULTIPANEL sheet is both the structural substrate and the membrane in one, it’s very light, strong and easy to work with. Achieving an individual R-value of 1.11 and compliance over habitable rooms, MULTIPANEL is a great choice for first floor balconies.


Bathrooms / Shower Bases

Essentially the MULTIPANEL shower tray, replaces the traditional sand cement screed & liquid membrane method for tiled shower bases. The panel is machine graded to achieve falls to either a centre or linear waste. They are available in standard sizes as well as custom made sizes. Using 8mm tile underlay & either the 10mm or 12mm panel on walls, creates a full wet room that’s completely water tight.


Sheets & Joins

MULTIPANEL sheets have a tongue & groove joint, that is essentially fused together (like a weld) using an expanding polyurethane compound. The PU based compound reacts with the PU based sheet, joining two sheets, or multiple sheets into one large sheet. The same is done at floor / wall junctions for a very strong 90 degree join that will easily cope with building movement.



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