Rigid Thermal Insulation

Meccano Review – Rigid Board Insulation

Insulation is becoming more and more important, as focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and liveability increases. According to the Australian Greenhouse Office (1999) space heating and cooling accounts for around 39% of energy use in Australian homes. Thermal insulation can result in significant energy savings, every year for the life of both commercial and residential buildings.

Note: Insulating walls and ceilings typically costs less than 1% of the construction cost.

When reviewing insulation, an understanding as to how it works is essential. For a detailed look at what we learnt along the way, please find a link below to the full report.

Over the years, Meccano has reviewed both bulk and reflective insulations & listened to the benefits put forward for both. The reality is, that both bulk & reflective are required, in order to reduce all three different types of heat transfer (Radiation, Conduction & Convection)

There are many things we like about rigid board insulation:

  • Combination of both bulk & reflective insulation
  • It works for all three types of heat transfer
  • Creates a continuous thermal barrier around the building
  • Excellent thermal to thickness ratios – Fits into tight cavity’s
  • Light, compact & durable
  • Does not sag or settle under gravity
  • Cost effective
  • Can also be used in conjunction with Bulk insulation for even higher system R Values – there for reducing double glazing required to achieve Energy Ratings (i.e 6 Star)


Meccano’s Choice of Rigid Board Insulation – Foilboard


The main reasons we chose Foilboard:

  • Better R Values than other EPS products
  • Approx ½ the cost of products with a Polyurethane core (PIR)
  • Thicker, more durable Foil (3-4 times thicker)
  • Better warranty
  • Better fire rating than other EPS products
  • Full compliance with AS4859
  • Superior Emissivity ratings / compliance
  • Superior production process – both sides laminated at the same time
  • Australian Made

Please see technical review page (below) for further information.