Product Review – Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets

Meccano’s Choice – Palram (Sunpal Multi)

Polycarbonate sheeting has come a long way & the current multi wall / multi cell glazing systems are definitely worth a look! With very clean modern aesthetics in a large range of colors, they provide advanced heat reduction / thermal insulation, excellent light transmission, extremely high durability, impact resistance & up to 99.9% UV protection, which also aids in a very long service life. The systems are both strong & light weight which opens a creative world of detailing for a variety of applications:

·       Covered Walkways ·       Industrial Glazing ·       Cladding
·       Pergolas ·       Aquatic Centres ·       Translucent walls
·       Awnings & Entrances ·       Open Markets ·       Parking structures
·       Shopping Centres ·       Screens / Partitions ·       Airports / Curved structures
·       Sports Complexes ·       Greenhouses ·       Rail / Public Shelters

An extremely tough material, polycarbonate roofing is also flexible and can be gently curved laterally or longitudinally without losing its structural integrity. In many applications, there is a fine line between a roof that does not provide enough protection and one that provides too much. Polycarbonate strikes the perfect balance:

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The main reasons we chose Sunpal by Palram:

  • Better thermal performance / R Values
  • Larger range of colors
  • Better warranty – 15 years – including leak proof joiners
  • Lower joiner height
  • Wider / more practical sheet width of 1000mm
  • Lighter & stronger = Greater spans
  • Superior fixing systems that accommodate expansion and contraction
  • Superior range of accessories including aluminum span bars, T-Lock fasteners & sealing strips
  • Approx 20% more cost effective

The technical review showed that Sunpal has higher performance / lower cost

Key features & benefits overview

SUNPAL Multi is an advanced multiwall polycarbonate panel system that combines proven design, light transmission, thermal insulation and strength. It offers a lightweight, leak-proof design that withstands very high loads and accommodates expansion and contraction. The system’s distinct advantages make it ideal for long-term application on many types of projects. As with any true architectural glazing system, SUNPAL Multi is appropriate for a variety of roofing and cladding designs, flat or curved.

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