Meccano Review – Stand Alone Acoustic Walls

Meccano’s Choice – ModularWalls

This review was a bit left field for us, but we found a product range that has significant benefits, especially price with around 50% cost savings!

When consulting on some child care projects, the architect had issues with acoustic compliance to neighbouring residential properties. Building brick or concrete boundary walls was not in the budget so we looked for alternatives. This led to a general change in thinking about through wall acoustics in architecture, for all types of projects. Traditionally the building itself would be treated with acoustic materials that added significant cost & would still have weak points like windows / glazing. Through wall acoustics are especially important when building on a main road or near a train line. The concept of having a stand alone acoustic wall in lieu of a fence creates an additional buffer for noise, not only for the building, but also the open outdoor areas.

ModularWalls are a cost-effective alternative to stand alone masonry or concrete walls. They can provide up to 45 decibel noise reduction, acoustic absorption of up to 1.0 NRC, can retain up to 3m & the design can be integrated into the overall design scheme.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Australian made & manufactured
  • Australian Designed
  • 50% cost reduction (compared to masonry / concrete)
  • 50% installation time
  • Up to 45 decibel noise reduction
  • Acoustic absorption up to NRC 1.0
  • No strip footings
  • Retaining up to 3000mm
  • Reduced weight for plant enclosures on roofs

A reputation for quality and innovation

ModularWalls has successfully delivered over 20,000 projects – some of which have been located in the harshest and most challenging climatic conditions.

Cost effective

With the surge in demand for bricks and concrete, along with increasing cost of labour, construction professionals are looking to alternative wall solutions to emulate the look of traditional products. This saves the high costs and hassles associated with masonry and concrete construction.

Strong and durable

Composite panel technology provides a panel that is strong, lightweight and will not rot, warp or corrode. durable fibre cement outer skin and high-density EPS core. Virtually maintenance free, a modular wall displays amazing rigidity in any situation. The unique post design allows for any future ground movement without affecting the wall’s integrity, therefore, it will not crack like other masonry wall materials.

Designed and manufactured in Australia

The products are Australian designed and manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 quality standards. With over 16 years proven performance, ModularWalls products are employed in a wide variety of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects both nationally and internationally. Inhouse design and engineering capabilities / service.

Design Flexibility

ModularWalls can be integrated into the projects overall design scheme.


  • Acoustic attenuation for Child Care, Education, Housing, Retail, Hospitality
  • Lightweight
  • Impact Resistant
  • Panel span up to 4.2m
  • Rw Rating 28
  • Fire Rated up to BAL 40


  • Extreme acoustic absorption with tunable RW rating
  • Pre-colored, perforated aluminium outer skin
  • PET sound absorbing core
  • Typical audible noise reduction of up to 40db
  • NRC of up to 1.0
  • Fire rated options available


  • Stand-alone retaining walls / integrated retaining walls
  • Retaining up to 3.0m high
  • Up to 10kPa live loads


  • Stand-alone ultra-high impact resistant walls
  • Roadway compliant
  • Vandal resistant
  • Superior acoustic performance – Rw 33

EstateWall / VogueWall / SlimWall

  • Alternatives to brick / concrete / rendered fences
  • Proven acoustic performance
  • Extremely cost effective (50% cost savings / 50% time saving)
  • Durable, lightweight modular construction
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily customised
  • Expressed joint option available
  • Up to 750mm retaining (can be integrated)
  • Up to 3m high
  • Can be integrated into the projects overall design