LED Lighting

Product Review – LED Lighting

When we started getting requests to review LED lighting, it quickly became apparent that this would be quite a difficult area to review. With so many suppliers, varying quality & what seemed like endless technical data to compare; we could see why specifiers were struggling to narrow down the options.

So we asked hundreds of Australian architects & interior designers what they thought was important when it came to choosing an LED supplier.

The response was quite interesting and consistently resonated the following 3 key points:

  1. Large range with variety of aesthetics– enough choice to work with one supplier for an entire project (rather than needing to source from many different suppliers).
  2. Technical Support, with a complete specification service
  3. Ability to work to budgets

We also learnt that architects & interior designers, wanted to focus on the creative side of lighting, have more say in the functional application, without requiring a lighting degree in order to do so.

Lead times were also important, as well as fittings being available long enough to survive the delay between specification and installation.

Measuring light quality & creating mood was also a factor.

Meccano’s Choice:


We were very impressed with Inlite who were very strong in all three key areas:

1. Range – Inlite have eight very different ranges & offer more than enough choice to supply an entire project & accommodate varying taste. The aesthetics show excellent attention to detail, with a high quality feel. Although many of their ranges are high end, they also have very good quality down lights around the $80 mark, so budget can be targeted to feature areas.

Delta Light – Exceptional quality of light, innovative architectural lighting

Delta Light has developed to become the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting. Presenting innovative design in lighting fixtures, the company is recognised throughout the world for it’s subtle blend of ambiance, elegance, functionality, and design, both in interior and exterior lighting. Delta Light is based in Kortrijk, Belgium.


Prandina – Feature lighting from Modern to Classical

Prandina is an Italian brand who’s creative philosophy has fulfilled a criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and lasting quality, that have enabled the brand to gain a recognised position in the international market.


Platek – Huge range of External lighting including IP67 & IP68 rated fittings

Platek Light produces lighting fixtures designed for urban and outdoor architectural lighting. As part of the Donati Group, Platek takes advantage of the know-how of its mother company – Metalpres specialists in aluminium die casting and supplier of dies – to produce the components for their luminaires both designed and manufactured in the company which is located in Rodengo Saiano near Brescia. The company follows all production stages: design, engineering and prototyping are all developed by their in-house technical department. Quality control on all products is carried out in a laboratory to verify protection levels and resistance against weather and environmental temperatures.


2. Technical Support – Inlite offers full technical and specification support. Their project consultation stimulates creativity, saves time & the Inlite team will fully document the project for you – including CAD plans, 3D renderings, Glow Plans & complete specification. BIM objects in Revit format, containing all technical specifications, product descriptions and the photometric data required to simulate the behavior of light in renderings and lighting calculations; are also available for around 50% of the Delta Light range. Inlite offers complete solutions for entire projects.

3. Ability to work to budgets – Inlite always has budget in mind as they consult on a project & because they have all the pricing, they will hit budget every time.

Light Quality – We learnt that the days of describing LED chips as “warm or cool” are quite outdated. The light quality in newer technology is gauged by how close it is to “natural light”. The visual perception of an object is influenced by both the colour reflectance of the object and the light that illuminates the object. High CRI (Color Rendering Index) solutions get a true colour representation, but CRI only applies for light sources with an emission spectra on or close to the Planckian curve (Black Body Locus). Delta Light offers exceptional light quality, representing colors the same as natural light.

Supply Ability – Inlite has a long term approach with regard to their product range, so that specifications done today, will be available for supply  when the project reaches construction stage. Coupled with lead times of 2-4 weeks, Inlite are a reliable supplier and partner for your project.