Heradesign Brings Peace

The professor speaks, and 500 students can actually hear him

Heradesign brings peace to the Audimax in Kleve. Sophisticated performance from a functional design:

Everyone has seen the pictures of the start of term in the newspapers. The Audimax is overflowing, bursting at the seams. Whoever has experienced it firsthand, knows: it is not only full, but the volume is also infernal. 500 students all talking amongst themselves and the lecturer can’t be heard. There is now a solution available: the new Heradesign acoustic baffles. They absorb noise. And they are not only practical, but they also look great. You can now check it out for yourself in the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve.

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PROJECT MANAGER Jörg Sprenger from Trockenbau München GmbH: “Architects choose baffles, because they give the room a clear, geometric structure. The new Heradesign baffles are functional, colourful and elegant all at the same time. That is down to the designer aluminium frame.” Front and rear are made of Heradesign’s typical wood wool; the core of the baffle is made of a sound-absorbing mineral wool fleece. “Our baffles are particularly flame-resistant, and so meet even the most stringent building safety requirements”, explains Frank Plogstert, Sales Manager for Heradesign in Northern Germany. This is a key technical detail of his product.

Hera 3For planners and architects, the acoustic baffles offer one major advantage. Ventilation pipes, cable channels, wires and even complete loudspeakers and lights can be discreetly integrated into the acoustic solution.

Customised formats for the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

The demands on Heradesign were high, as the factory had to manufacture the baffles in individual sizes. Different dimensions applied for the Audimax, refectory and various foyers and corridors in the university.

The challenge was to design and then manufacture 18 different baffle formats. The smallest baffle is 300 x 600 millimetres in size, the largest measures 2400 x 600 millimetres. Up until now, baffles of these proportions have only been installed in the university in Kleve.

Achim Nolle, Heradesign Sales Director, reports: “Only the offer from Heradesign managed to convince the decision-makers; we were even able to accommodate the customer’s preferred choice of colours. We coloured the baffles in two harmonising RAL solid colours, namely May green (RAL 6017) and light grey (RAL 7035). Heradesign manufactured a complete acoustic solution for the university with exactly 3,978 tailor-made baffles. We are delighted to have been invited to achieve this feat of manufacturing for the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.”

Drywall builder delighted with the innovative user-friendly clip assembly system

A further special feature of the elaborate baffle construction is the fastening system – as used in the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. After the massive supporting system was installed in the ceiling, the installers were able to simply clip the baffles in. The great advantage of the system is that even after being clipped in, the baffles can still be repositioned in their mounting grid. Thanks to this, alignment of the huge and complex acoustic solution was extremely simple. “Our installers were very grateful for this clever way of hanging the baffles. Aligning the individual Heradesign baffles turned out to be almost foolproof. I have rarely seen our employees tackle such a mammoth task with such enthusiasm as with the acoustic ceiling in the Audimax”, says PROJECT MANAGER Sprenger, impressed with the innovative Heradesign system.

Heradesign makes it possible: perfect speech quality in the 18 metre high Audimax

Heradesign outdid all the other competitors with the parameters of its acoustic solution. In a room of this size and height, the reverberation times specified in the DIN EN ISO 3382 could only be met by the acoustic specialist from Ferndorf in Austria. The quick absorption of sound especially in the low frequency spectrum is important for understanding speech. The level of the output signal needs to be reduced by 60 decibels within 0.4 to 0.6 seconds – a task mastered brilliantly by Heradesign.

Modern architecture needs baffles, not the classic, SUSPENDED CEILING

A modern concrete core activation ceiling has to be able to “breathe”, which is why a classic, suspended acoustic ceiling was out of the question. Heradesign’s demand estimate for 2012 proved to be right: baffles are in demand, and especially for large projects such as in Kleve. With the visually attractive and effective solution of the aluminium frames, the Austrian acoustic expert extended its baffle portfolio in January 2012.

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Measurements of the baffles: from 300 x 600 mm to 2400 x 600 mm

Amount of baffles: approx. 4,000 baffles in 18 different formats

Total area of acoustic solution: 2,125 m²

Colours used: May green (RAL 6017) and light grey (RAL 7035)

Sound absorption in accordance with standard: DIN EN ISO 3382

Client: district of Kleve

Architect: NPS Tchoban Voss

Acoustician: Graner und Partner, Bergisch Gladbach

Drywall builder: Trockenbau München GmbH