Commercial Flooring


Commercial Flooring 

Meccano’s Choice – Bolidt Synthetic Systems

Meccano has been asked by many architects to review & find alternatives for different commercial flooring applications:

Shopping Centre’s & Airports – Projects with large, expansive slabs – issues with Cost, Cracking Tiles & Disjointed aesthetics (Latham Joints & Expansion Joints).

Education – Alternatives to vinyl – Ecological solutions with low VOC – non combustible ,reduced maintenance & better slip ratings (not coatings i.e. slip performance in the composition of the material) – comparable cost i.e. $100 / m2

Health Care / Aged Care – Alternatives to vinyl – including legitimate performance in anti-microbial / anti bacterial technology. Also ecological with low VOC – non-combustible with reduced maintenance & better slip ratings

We found a company that had solutions for all – The floor systems we’ve studied from Bolidt have been very impressive!

For 50 years Bolidt has developed resin based thermosetting technology – they are synthetic systems, but have 85% natural materials, are water born & solvent free (screed & liquid form).

With a huge choice of premium aesthetics, the floors are seamless, impermeable to fluids, (liquid tight / moisture absorption of 0.0%), low maintenance, low odor / VOC and applied on site by Bolidts own specialist installers. There is one warranty for supply & installation & the systems are designed to last! Installation is quick and curing time is 24hours per layer (some systems have 2-3 layers).

With 250 different systems, Bolidt offers extremely high performance in the following areas:

  •  Scratch & Wear Resistance – with shore D ratings up to D99 which is higher than Terrazzo
  •  Low Viscous / High elasticity – reducing the need for expansion joints / will never crack
  •  Slip resistance (up to R13 / P5 / D1 / C – highest Australian Standards)
  •  Anti-Static / Non Conductive Safety Floors
  •  Shock absorption
  •  Acoustic – Contact Noise Reduction / Absorption – up to 16dB
  •  High Mechanical Loads (up to 1000 tonne)
  •  Chemical and Stain Resistance
  •  Anti-Microbial
  •  Very low maintenance

The systems range from 2-6mm thick & suitable bases include sand-cement screeds, concrete and anhydrite.

Shopping Centres / Airports / Supermarkets: 

Bolidt offers unique solutions – Premium aesthetics that create a continuous, monolithic effect.

Bolidtop 525 Combo 

Base layer:

  • High elasticity to reduce soft expansion joints
  • High contact noise reduction of up to 16Db.
  • Comfort Floor performance

The high elasticity means the floors will not crack & will cope better with movement. Bolidt has various aesthetic treatments to blend control joints into the floor & create a seamless monolithic finish.

Top layer:

  • High elasticity to reduce soft expansion joints
  • High Scratch Resistance & Excellent wet and dry slip ratings & reduced maintenance as the floors are seamless they are very easy to keep clean.

Bolidtop 700 Series

  • Extremely durable & scratch resistant with a Shore D rating of D99 (higher than Terrazzo which is D65 – D85)
  • Excellent wet and dry slip ratings & reduced maintenance – as the floors are seamless they are very easy to keep clean.

Both systems are Higher Quality / Lower Cost:

  • Huge cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved compared to tiled floors – pricing is also competitive against vinyl.


Bolidt have excellent solutions with premium aesthetics for Education that are comparable with the cost of vinyl, but superior in performance & aesthetics.

Healthcare: Bolidt solutions for Healthcare address many of the down falls of vinyl – PVC produces deadly, undetectable gases in a fire & will never decompose, it can only be recycled. Joints in vinyl & the detailing between wall linings and covings (over lap) are weak spots for bacteria growth. We have not been able to find any vinyl with anti-microbial / anti-bacterial technology – simply statements that the floors are easy to disinfect & keep clean.

Bolidt floor & wall systems are seamless & have seamless transition from the floor, to the coving, to the wall coating. They also have higher wear resistance, no odor, better slip ratings, scratch & chemical resistance (no special cleaning contractors). Most importantly – Bolidt has anti-microbial technology which works via an electrical charge that kills any bacteria on contact for the life of the product – unlike silver ion technology that only works on certain bacteria and wears off over time.

Please find further information on Bolidts Anti-microbial technology & health care solutions via the following links:

Bolidt Antimicrobial Technology

Bolidt Healthcare Solutions

Bolidt also have excellent industrial systems & safety floors. They do sports flooring, car parks, wearing courses for bridges, vertical wall & façade coatings, have a modern alternative for asphalt & also off shore applications including ship decks / cruise ships.

Bolidt Background:

We also really like the credibility of Bolidt – they are a Dutch company who have worked with the likes of NASA, European Space Agency, developed specialty coatings for the Dutch Navy and were chosen for floor and wall linings on the Worlds Greenest Building – The Headquarters of the federal environment agency in Dessau, Germany. They have done thousands of projects & have reliable, specialty trained installation teams. Bolidt always works very closely with the customers and takes note of their specific requirements. With this information Bolidt is able to tailor the floor or surface finish to suit the customer’s particular demands.