Acoustic Solutions for the Eye

Not even colour targets are a problem for the acoustics expert

Auditorium makes a mark in Rotterdam.

This auditorium is the impressive showpiece of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Not only has it witnessed teaching at the highest academic level for about forty years; also well-known Dutch politicians and even members of the royal family have given lectures here. The history, colour scheme and the special design of the auditorium make the room an outstanding place. Heradesign enabled the successful RENOVATION of the ceiling in the auditorium. And the special feature of this achievement: the auditorium is a protected monument which meant strict regulations applied for all the renovation work.

As the auditorium is a listed property, it was a requirement of the renovation work that no changes be made to the original concept. In addition to this key requirement, also the acoustics of the room were to be considerably improved.


The quality of material as a decisive argument
As it was no longer possible to order the panels of the original ceiling, the acoustic solution of Heradesign superfine turned out to be the best alternative when it came to choosing the material and won the COMMISSION. Once the material was chosen, another special feature for the monument had to be tackled. In accordance with the building regulations, no deviations from the existent colour scheme of the auditorium were allowed, constituting a special challenge for the Austrian acoustics expert.

Special colour selection – Heradesign scanned CEILING PANELS
The special colour scheme of the existing ceiling was one of the most important defined goals and objectives in the RENOVATION: the new ceiling had to have exactly the same colour as the original ceiling. Rob Taminiau, Technical Manager of Heradesign Nederland, explains how it was possible to define the colour. “We scanned panels of the old ceiling and measured the colour by means of a colour measuring instrument. Only this way could we be sure of using exactly the same colour.”

With that, the obstacle of ‘visual appearance’ could also be successfully overcome.

Meeting the special acoustic requirements of an auditorium
“Each building has its own architectural history, especially if it is protected,” adds architect Gerard Frishert who was responsible for the renovation work. In an earlier phase of renovation, rows of seats in the auditorium were exchanged, which caused a change in the course of the floor. “This and also other changes brought about completely new acoustics that did not meet with today’s requirements,” says Frishert. In particular in an auditorium, speakers and the audience should profit from outstanding acoustics as the audibility and concentration are considerably increased here.

And Frishert sums it up, “It was the special challenge, after all previous renovation work, to get the acoustics under control again. Personally, I think the ceiling now perfectly unites the architectural and acoustic values that had to be

Source: heradesign