About Us

Finding and reviewing architectural building products. Hera c 3 That’s our specialty.

Finding new products or selecting the best options for your clients projects. It sounds simple enough, yet it’s one of the most time consuming tasks a specifier can face – it reduces the efficiency and return on documentation.

The Meccano Group specialises in reviewing products through an architects eyes and selecting the best products, based on quality, price, technical benefits and sustainabiliy. Experienced specifiers that cut through the marketing banners, analyse on a technical level and identify products that have unique benefits. At Meccano, we’re proud to say we achieve all of these things. In fact, reviewing products and recommending brands within the building and architectural industry is our specialty. It’s all we do. Perhaps it’s why over the years we’ve fostered such strong relationships with a broad network of architects, landscape architects, interior designers and builders. All of whom rely on us from year to year for our product knowledge and project consultation

Build a project with the right products, with The Meccano Group